Doodze is an epic fantasy story told as a light-hearted, cartoon-style webcomic. It’s the story of a race of tiny people caught up in an adventure much bigger than them, and could be described as “Smurfs meets Lord of the Rings, set in old Japan.”

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Chapter One: Eddo dreams of being a hero. But when the opportunity arises, will he be willing to take the risk and step outside the safety of The Wall?

Chapter Two: In search of a lost sh’leep, Eddo ventures into the great unknown. But does he have what it takes to face the dangers that await him in darkness of The Woods?

Chapter Three: Eddo tries to escape the woods, while Palu continues to battle bamboo. Who will be bamboozled?

Chapter Four: It’s that time of year: Bamboora Festival is here, and the Sh’leep Games are about to begin! It’s time to sing Bamboora, La, La, La! before danger strikes again…

Chapter Five: When the blessing of the Sh’leeps goes horribly wrong, we find out why Sh’leep magic and Doodze medicine are a bad combination. Moolawg the Waizer enlists Eddo’s help to bring an end to The Sh’leeping before it’s too late!

Chapter Six: The gang sets out on a quest for gold. But will will they find gold or just more trouble as they begin The Expedition?

Chapter Seven: It’s dark in here! Find out what happens to our heroes after they have fallen Down the Hole

Chapter 8: The Doodzes find themselves cornered by a pack of angry Jurkzes, in Jurkze!

Chapter 9: Thanks to some new friends, our heroes are safe. But for how long? Choices of priority and loyalty must be made, in Fight or Flight.

Chapter 10: The rescue attempt begins, as our heroes Divide and Conquer.

Chapter 11: As the battle continues, questions lead to answers lead to questions, in Revelations.


Chapter 12: With our heroes cornered, Moolawg spills his guts, in Confessions.


Chapter 13: Eddo must face his greatest fear, in this, the Final Fight!


Chapter 14: In the aftermath of the big battle, we find out whether Moolawg’s really got his mojo back, as a Transformation occurs.